Add Keyword Terms With Great Bets You can spotlight critical information in seek outcomes for site users by using using keywords and Best Bets. When a user enters a pre-configured key-word term into the search field, Best Bets are marked with the aid of a yellow celebrity and are displayed prominently at the top of the center search effects page. Keywords may be utilized in queries from the Search field, the Search Center web page, or the Advanced Search container.

Add Keyword Terms With Great Bets

Keywords and Best Bets are saved of their very own database tables, so they end up effective without delay. By defining typically-used seek phrases as key phrases you may offer a fashionable glossary of names, approaches, and ideas which can be a part of the “commonplace expertise” shared through contributors of an organization.

For example, let’s say you want to factor newly hired employees to a site containing facts about a way to obtain training on tools and tactics. You should define the key-word “schooling” or the names of your internal equipment with the URL of the site that contains the statistics. Each time new personnel search for the name of the device or for “education” the appropriate Web site could appear as a Best Bet on the pinnacle of seek consequences.

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Display the Manage Keywords web page

Add key phrases

Manage Best Bets

Add, edit, or get rid of Best Bets

Change the order of a fixed of Best Bets

Display the Manage Keywords page

Add Keyword Terms With Great Bets The Manage Keywords web page is in which you define keywords with Best Bets and all of the corresponding alternatives. From this page you could upload synonyms for the keyword word, or exchange a Best Bet link, and upload or change the description of the Best Bet that looks in seek consequences. On the Manage Keyword web page you may additionally specify a start date, and optionally an cease date, a touch, and a overview date for the keyword.

Note:  To manage keywords you have to have Site Collection Administrator permissions. If you do no longer have Site Collection Administrator permissions, you may no longer see the Site Collection Administration choice on the Site Settings page. See your site administrator for help.

To replace this text together with your very own text for this newsletter kind, do the following:

Log directly to the home web page of your pinnacle-degree web site with web site series administrator permissions.

Click the Site Actions menu, choose Site Settings.

On the Site Settings web page, within the Site Collection Administration segment, click Search key phrases.

Do one of the following steps:

To outline a brand new key-word and add Best Bets to it, click on Add Keyword, and then comply with the stairs indexed in the Add key phrases segment.

To add Best Bet hyperlinks to an existing keyword, click on the keyword, after which comply with the steps inside the Add, edit, or cast off Best Bets phase.

Add Keyword Terms With Great Bets Tip:  When you have got numerous key phrases in the list, behavior a seek to find the one you need. Set the scope for the search via Keyword, Synonym, Best Bet Title, Best Bet URL, or Contact, after which kind the details of the belongings in the Contains box.

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Add key phrases

Keywords offer definitions for common phrases or terms used within your agency. Each key-word entry can encompass a listing of synonyms, which might be phrases that users may kind inside the search container whilst searching for the keyword. You can offer a key-word definition that shows up in seek effects. The definition can include wealthy text and hyperlinks.

Log directly to the house page of your top-level web page with website online series administrator permissions.

Click the Site Actions menu, choose Site Settings.

On the Site Settings web page, inside the Site Collection Administration phase, click Search key phrases.

Note:  To manage key phrases you must have Site Collection Administrator permissions. If you do no longer have Site Collection Administrator permissions, you will now not see the Site Collection Administration option at the Site Settings page. See your site administrator for help.

On the Manage Keywords page, click on Add Keyword.

In the Keyword Phrase field, kind a phrase, call, acronym, or word to be defined as a key-word.For example, in case you want to outline CMS as a key-word, kind CMS.

Add Keyword Terms With Great Bets Tip: Terms which can be used regularly in searches make true keyword terms. When defining key phrases, work from a list of popular sites, processes, and gear utilized by your business enterprise.

In the Synonyms box, kind phrases with a comparable meaning. Separate synonyms with a semicolon (“;”). The definition of the key-word, is featured above the quest outcomes when any synonym of the key-word is used in a question.For example, type the terms you want to apply as synonyms for CMS, along with content management, document control, and so forth.

Note:  A synonym must be shorter than or identical to 100 characters.

To characteristic Best Bet hyperlinks with the keyword, click on Add Best Bet, after which comply with the steps in the phase Add, edit, or dispose of Best Bets.

In the Keyword Definition field, provide a definition to display above the middle seek consequences. You can use rich textual content within the description and consist of links.

In the Contact container, type an non-obligatory email cope with for the person who will function a reviewer for the keyword. Click Check Names to affirm the alias, or click Browse to pick out a name using a directory carrier.

In the Publishing phase, set a Start Date for whilst the key-word’s definition and Best Bets will begin to seem in search outcomes, and (if preferred) an End Date whilst the keyword will cease to be energetic. Optionally, set a Review Date by which the individual within the Contact box will assessment the key-word. Click the calendar to specify a date.

Note: The cutting-edge date appears as the default Start Date. If you leave the End Date container empty, the key-word will by no means expire.

Click OK.

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Manage Best Bets

Best Bets are a effective manner for the website online collection administrator to direct customers to encouraged Web web sites, records shops, and documents. When you companion one or more Best Bet URLs with a key-word and its synonyms, customers see the resulting healthy on the pinnacle of the hunt consequences web page when they look for any of the related phrases or phrases.

Add Keyword Terms With Great Bets Keyword phrases in queries need to healthy the keyword or its synonym precisely. Keywords can most effective be used inside the web page series in which they’re defined.

For instance, allow’s say you need to point users to websites related to SharePoint. Because there are so many resources approximately SharePoint, a search would in all likelihood produce a whole lot of outcomes. One manner to use Best Bets is to outline some pinnacle Web websites that you want your users to visit on every occasion they search for SharePoint.

In the following instance, we’ve defined a key-word known as “SharePoint” that consists of the synonyms Microsoft SharePoint Server, SP Server, SharePoint Foundation, and SF. Then, we delivered 3 Best Bets for the key-word “SharePoint.” Each Best Bet points to a exclusive Web web site, which might interest distinctive audiences of SharePoint Server. Here’s what the search results look like while any of the synonyms or the key-word “SharePoint” is typed into the Search box.

The keyword “SharePoint” is typed within the Search field.

The Best Bets which are associated with the key-word “SharePoint Server” seem on the pinnacle of the quest results list. The title of the Best Bet and its associated URL show up next to the yellow star.

Add Keyword Terms With Great Bets The description you provided for the Best Bet seems in search outcomes and enables customers determine whether or now not to click on the hyperlink.

Add, edit, or eliminate Best Bets

Log on to the home web page of your top-degree web site with website collection administrator permissions.

Click the Site Actions menu, choose Site Settings.

On the Site Settings web page, in the Site Collection Administration section, click Search keywords.